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Be Careful at The Grocery Store, You Could Be Getting More than Just Groceries

Victoria Clemans Aug. 1, 2022

When doing your grocery shopping, the child safety seat atop of the shopping cart may look convenient when not occupied by a child, may appear to be a convenient place to put one’s purse or handbag. However, we see these purses and handbags are left open, unzipped, unsecured….exposing the owner’s wallet, keys, cell phone and more (money!) 

The combination of easy access and distracted shoppers creates the perfect storm for thieves. You walk over to pick up a loaf of bread to see if it is seven grain and start picking up multiple loafs. You get even more distracted when you ask a store clerk where you can find other types of bread that match the diet you happen to be on, during which the crime has been committed. Your purse, wallet and/or cellphone has been taken. 

Ideally, bags/purses should be worn using shoulder or cross-body straps. Whether or not you are carrying your bag or storing it in a shopping cart, please consider keeping it closed…zipped.. buttoned, etc. Open purses are a bright and shiny invitation for thieves. 

Have a friend or family watch your purse or put it on your shoulder (the shoulder closest to where your frame of vision is.)